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History of the Mule

History of the Mule

   The Moscow Mule, often times referred to as a “Vodka Buck”, is a world renowned cocktail that became the popular drink of choice by millions during the early 1950’s. The cocktail is made up of a high quality vodka, a unique spicy ginger beer, and a kicker of lime juice. Often times the cocktail is displayed with a small lime wedge or slice of lime on the side. The drink is popularly served in a copper mug, rather than in an ordinary glass. This has been a staple of the drink since its origination. The copper mug is used primarily to keep the tradition of its ancestors alive, along with tradition, the special mug is known for its aesthetic beauty that has been known to improve sales of the drink.

            A popular misconception of this cocktail is that it originated in Moscow, Russia, however, in actuality; the cocktail was invented in 1941, by John G. Martin. John G. Martin owned a small food and alcohol spirits supplier based in Hartford, Connecticut and Martin soon teamed up with Jack Morgen, who was a local ginger beer producer. The two soon became close while trying to develop a cocktail for the “young generation”, and in 1941 Martin and Morgan released the first ever Moscow Mule in a local Cocks ‘n’ Bulls restaurant in Los Angeles, California.



            The famous Moscow Mule was born on the East Coast of America, but it was originally sold and grew incredibly popular on the West Coast. The plan was for the cocktail to be a drink for the young generation of Americans, and that portrayal soon took hold as the cocktail was soon advertised by celebrities all over Los Angeles. By 1942, only one year since its creation, the Moscow Mule had been rated the number one most popular mixed drink in America. The cocktail was taking the world by storm, and Morgan and Martin could not believe their success.

            Although the Moscow Mule is a cocktail that was invented in the 1940’s, it is still a hugely popular drink in the 21st century. In many bars and clubs around the country, the Moscow Mule is a surefire sale. There are even bars and clubs in Los Angeles California that have large varieties of customized Moscow Mules, that use different kinds of vodkas, and different kinds of ginger beer to spice up the flavoring. The Moscow Mule is one of America’s oldest mixed drinks, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.