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What Are The Health Benefits In Drinking From Copper Mugs and Containers

What Are The Health Benefits In Drinking From Copper Mugs and Containers

In order to live longer, we need to adopt healthy practices and use them regularly in our daily basis. Plenty of foods, beverages and other things we consume are dangerous, at least in the long term. Industries and companies don’t care too much about their clients, not all of them, but they exist.

Drinking water is harmless, it’s one of the most important and healthier practices you can do. Experts and doctors insist on drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily. One thing is sure, you can increase the healing and beneficial properties of drinking water if you do it from a copper vessel.



Many studies have shown the health benefits of copper containers and here are some of them:

Increase the overall health of your skin: It’s known that copper is an elemental component which stimulates the natural production of melanin. Melanin increases the overall health of your skin, preventing it from aging and decoloring. Melanin go further, it can also help you to be protected from UV rays and speed the natural rate of your body to heal wounds.

Kill bacteria and other harmful components: Copper mugs has sterilized effect by nature, specifically known as oligodynamic. Bacteria and other harmful components get wrecked by copper and its sterilized property. There are two common bacteria in our environment, which are: E.oli and S.Aureus, these are common and are around us. Fortunately, a copper vessel can fix that.

Make your wounds heal faster: Bacteria, virus, and plenty of other factors can make a negative impact in our body’s capacity to cure itself. Cooper has properties to fight against most of those elements, and also increase and strengthen our immune system.

Increases our digestive system activity: Cooper is known to have properties which stimulate peristalsis, an important process that allow your body to digest faster and efficiently. Copper vessels can also help you to reduce inflammations and kill harmful elements in your stomach, elements that can cause ulcers and infections.

Make a huge different when it comes to lose weight: In order to lose weight, you must have to eat healthier and drink plenty of water. Something people do that, but results never come. Drinking water from copper mugs, for example, can help us to lose weight because it enhances the digestive process and acts as an anti-oxidant to burn more fat.

Copper is excellent for cardiovascular problems and hypertension: As you can tell, the health benefits of copper mugs are extensive. Heart diseases and hypertension is easily the most common illnesses in the life of many people. You must prevent and fight them from this moment. Studies have shown that copper has properties that can regulate the blood pressure, lower the cholesterol levels and heart rate.


An excellent method to fight against cancer: Cancer is getting common and more common each day, a terrible disease that kills millions per year. This horrible disease can be cured with anti-oxidants and other treatments, copper is an excellent anti-oxidant. Free radicals are the primary source of cancer, but they get smashed and processed by these anti-oxidant properties.

Improves your cognitive performance: Copper is fantastic for your brain because it can help in the synthesis of phospholipids, important process that stimulates the creation of myeling sheaths. But, what are myeling sheaths? They help and stimulate the proper flow of impulses from a neuron to another.

Aids arthritis and inflamed joints: The anti-inflammatory properties of copper are quite strong and demonstrated by science. These properties act directly in aches and pains caused by inflamed joints.