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How to Clean Copper Moscow Mule Mugs | Keep Them Looking New

Copper mugs really come in handy when you need to serve some refreshing cocktail. Copper mugs are fun and a good investment. However, the most important question you would ask if you owned a copper mug is “how to clean copper mugs”?





You can choose how to clean copper mugs and one of those ways is naturally with the use of lemon and salt. To clean copper mugs with lemon, dip about a half lemon in a handful of salt and polish your copper mug for about 3 to 4 minutes. Once your mugs look shiny again, rinse them and dry them with a clean cotton material. Ensure you wipe out all the moisture so the lemon does not oxidize the copper and darken your mug. This method of caring for cleaning copper mugs is the quickest, cost effective and the most ecologically sound. It also does not involve having to bring your hands or immediate environment in contact with any harsh chemicals. Alternatively using the same procedure, baking soda and vinegar can also be used.


 Materials Needed:




NOTE: Do not ever put your copper mugs in the dishwasher.


One other effective way to clean copper mugs in with ketchup. Ketchup is made with salt and vinegar. There is a high acidic content in the tomato paste in ketchup.


With these methods, you can clean your copper mugs. Other ways to clean copper mugs apart from using natural recipes is with the use of special cleaners for copper. It is not enough to just have your copper mugs clean, you have to keep them shiny and glowing. With these specialized copper mugs cleaners, you can have your copper mugs properly cleaned and kept shiny. It makes your job far easier than any other recipe. Specialized cleaners will clean every trace of tarnish or stain on the entire surface of your copper mug. With just fifteen seconds of soft rubbing, your copper mug becomes clean and sparkles once again like new.


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